Tips For Shopping and Selling at a Consignment Sale

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In this episode, Jennifer discusses the benefits of shopping at or selling with your local semi-annual consignment sale and how these sales can declutter your life.

Episode Talking Points:

  • Why Jennifer fell in love with consignment.
  • Semi-annual consignment sales: what are they and how do they work?
  • Benefits of shopping a semi-annual consignment sale.
  • A semi-annual consignment sale will give you the motivation you need to clear the clutter.
  • The Savy Sale Owners conference.
  • Tips for using the money you earn at a semi-annual consignment sale.
  • How to find a local semi-annual consignment sale near you.
  • What to sell and how to prepare, including tips for getting organized.
  • Consider the VIP tagging services available if you do not have time to tag.
  • Get your kids involved!
  • How these sales benefit local charities.
  • Shopping tips.
  • How to organize a prep zone in your home so that you can tag and price your items for a consignment sale.

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