Do you dream of living an integrated life?

Now is the time to connect all the pieces that matter most.

FOCUS Retreat 2024

September 25-27, 2024
Harrodsburg, KY


Want to get away from the noise of social media, Zoom calls, and endless Voxer threads?

You need some space to think, to dream, to plan, and to explore what really matters most to you—personally, uniquely you—in this crazy busy life of family + business + faith.


Imagine a chance to slip away...

Someplace where you can release the constant pressure to do more, be more, say more, and reach more. Where conversation is authentic and meaningful, rest is prioritized, food is deliciously prepared and served by somebody else (no dishes to scrub), and where boutique shopping, leisurely hiking, and hideaway spaces to breathe and pray are interspersed with sessions for learning, planning, and dreaming—together.


Welcome to the FOCUS Retreat

It’s time to gather—in person (with real women face to face!)—to refine our FOCUS on every aspect of the integrated life: Family, Organization, Confidence, yoU, and Systems. You'll discover how to do less in order to achieve more… to increase your impact on the people and projects that matter most.


In Person: At the landmark Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, just outside of Lexington

Dates: Sept. 25-27, 2024

Wednesday: Optional VIP Experience at Amy's private lake house

Thursday: All-group workshops, breakouts, free time with optional guided activities

Friday: All-group workshops, breakouts, panel discussion, and a special farewell social with hors d'oeuvres, live music, and networking/fellowship

*See full itenery here.

Nobody can do it all.


And only YOU can do what you’re designed to do, be who you’re designed to be. You play a role no one else can fill.

When was the last time you talked with that woman? The one God created within you to fulfill a unique calling in your business, your family, your corner of the world.

We’d like to introduce you to her again.

The FOCUS Retreat is a rejuvenating and private getaway...


Exclusively for women juggling multiple roles: business owner, content creator, household coordinator, wife, mom, daughter, friend… Jesus girl with an overflowing plate and a heart that desires peace, solidarity, authentic community and encouragement.


You’ll link arms with an intimate group of colleagues (we're saving space for up to 20 women only) and four experienced coaches in four specific areas of expertise—family, organization, confidence, and business strategy—for two days of inspiring workshops, heart to heart networking, and plenty of time and space to rest or play on your own schedule.


 Leave the competition at the door. There are no critics here. The FOCUS Retreat is a chance to support one another, get real about challenges and wins, refine our focus on what actually moves the needle in work and life (and what does not), and to fill up with the courage, community, and clarity you need to grow in every aspect of your integrated calling.


Are you ready?


Where is the event held?

Historic Shaker Village in Harrodsburg, Kentucky

An amazing venue where wildflower fields, horse trails, gentle breezes and farm-to-table atmosphere replace the daily grind. Where commuting means simply stepping from one beautiful space to another. Let big ideas happen naturally in the uninterrupted space to connect, reflect and focus.


Your Hosts

Coaches, podcast creators, authors, friends

Jennifer Ford Berry

Jennifer is the host of the Making Room podcast (formerly The 29 Minute Mom podcast) and the founder of the Created Order Neighborhood, an online community of women who want to live a life of order and purpose. She is the author of five books, including the Organize Now! series and her latest, Make Room. Jennifer was previously the regular organizing expert on the TV show Winging It, Buffalo Style. , and has appeared as a guest expert on several television and radio shows, as well as in national magazines and newspapers. Jennifer lives in western New York with her husband and two children. She works both hands-on and virtually with her clients to help them eliminate clutter and live their dreams.

Lori Beth Auldridge

Lori Beth is the creator and host of the Elevating Motherhood podcast and teacher of the online course Homeschool Explained. She and her husband Chris recently moved their family to Idaho after almost 20 years on Maui and together they homeschool their children, run a construction business, and road trip as often as they can. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication for the Child and master's degrees in both Children’s Literature and Creative Writing for Children. Lori Beth is passionate about helping moms find their confidence through creative resources while encouraging them to trust their intuition and embrace life long learning.

Amy Debrucque

Amy is the host of Life On Purpose Podcast and creator of the Confidence Course, a program designed to help women rebuild their self-esteem and take ownership of their relationships and life goals. As a wife, mother,  confidence coach, author, cancer survivor, and encourager, Amy is committed to her faith in God, which gives her the courage to be intentional in all areas of her life. She released her first book, Embolden, in 2021, reminding women that although fear is normal, courage gets the final say. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines, podcasts, and online media outlets including ThriveGlobal,, InDependent, DisplayingGrace, ForEveryMom, YourTango, Today Parenting, and Darling Magazine.

Event Details

Where you'll be staying

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is a landmark destination covering 3,000 acres of Kentucky fields and farmland. With 34 original Shaker structures, the site is home to the country’s largest private collection of original 19th century buildings and is the largest National Historic Landmark in Kentucky.

Just a 35-minute drive from the Blue Grass Airport in Lexington and a short 15-minute trip from nearby Harrodsburg, Shaker Village is a unique and picturesque setting for a relaxing and uplifting retreat.

All scheduled workshops, breakouts, and group activities (with the exception of the VIP event) will take place on the Shaker Village grounds.

Overnight accommodations at The Inn at Shaker Village are available to FOCUS Retreat participants at a special reduced rate of $165 per night. You can share a room with a friend or book a space all to yourself.

For details, visit or call 859.734.5411 to reserve your room. Mention code 11252 to get the discounted rate.

What you’ll be learning

The FOCUS Retreat is a space to be pampered, educated, encouraged, and known. We're preparing a meaningful agenda of learning sessions balanced with time to unwind in community or in solidarity, whichever your heart needs most. 

[F] is for family... as a woman, you're called a lot of names: wife, mom, grandma, sister, auntie, teacher, nurse. How can you fulfill God's call on your family life while also pursuing His call to create, encourage, and lead?

[O] is for organization... of your time, your space, your resources, your mental and spiritual capacity. Discover how to spend the moments God gives you with intention, so you can truly capture the joy of staying present.

[C] is for confidence... a long-lost friend. What steals your courage and causes you to doubt yourself, your abilities, and even God's plan for your life? We'll direct you back to the source of true, unshakeable confidence.

[U] is for yoU! You play a lot of roles and serve a lot of people. When was the last time you invested in your own well-being? It's time to rediscover your value and purpose in your work, relationships, goals, and dreams.

[S] is for systems... the key to success. Learn how to manage your time in a way that will reduce stress and improve productivity.  We will help you implement a plan that will be easy to follow.

Opportunities to rest and play

This retreat is equal parts learning and leisure. We know a true getaway means opportunities to decompress, connect with others in authentic conversations, laugh, sip a glass of wine (or a mug of hot coffee), shop to your heart's content, or hide away for some quiet time with God. That's why we've built in ample free time for you to spend however you choose.

Want to take a stroll through the Shaker Village grounds with your retreat hosts? Join us! We'll have some optional, guided group activities prepared for those who want to socialize with fellow retreat participants.

Prefer to head into town for some quaint boutique shopping or cafe dining? Feel free! We'll provide a list of suggested activities to enjoy on your own or with a group of fellow retreaters in nearby Harrodsburg, including popular shopping and restaurant destinations.

Or... you're more than welcome to retreat to your room for some quiet reading, reflection, or a nap. This is YOUR retreat, and we're here to help make it as refreshing and memorable as possible.

Optional VIP Experience

You are cordially invited to kick off the retreat early, on Wednesday evening, September 25, with an exclusive VIP social event at Amy’s lake house (located approximately 15 minutes from Shaker Village).

This is a chance to ease slowly into the retreat by meeting new friends and getting to know your hosts before the agenda begins Thursday morning. We’ll enjoy a casual dinner, cocktails, dessert, and an intimate concert with a local musician. Take advantage of this special opportunity to talk one-on-one with your retreat hosts and fellow attendees—women who understand what it's like to build businesses and households founded on faith.

If community or networking is one of your primary reasons for attending the FOCUS Retreat, then you won't want to miss the VIP experience.

Only 20 VIP tickets are available, so register early if you plan to secure a spot at this small group event.

Registration is now open

Space is limited to 20 attendees, so secure your spot today. Please note the cost of overnight accommodations and some meals are not included in the ticket price.

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September 25-27



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