Your Enneagram Can Determine Your Organizing Habits

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In this episode of the Make Room Podcast with Jennifer Ford Berry, we discuss the fascinating world of Enneagram Personality Types and how they can affect your organizing habits. If you're someone who struggles to keep your space tidy and organized, or you're constantly battling clutter and chaos, this episode is for you.

Whether you're a perfectionist who can't bear to part with anything, a people-pleaser who struggles to set boundaries or a creative type who is easily distracted, you'll gain valuable insights and learn practical strategies for getting organized.

We'll also discuss how understanding your enneagram type can affect your communication. You'll learn how to recognize the organizing habits of those around you and how to work together more effectively to create a more harmonious and organized environment.

So if you're ready to dive deep into the world of enneagram personality types and discover how they affect your organizing habits, tune in to this thought-provoking episode. You won't want to miss it!


Laurie Palau is the author of the book HOT MESS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO GETTING ORGANIZED, host of the popular weekly podcast, This ORGANIZED Life, and founder of Simply B Organized-a lifestyle company helping people live simply and work smarter. Her advice has been featured in national publications including Real Simple & The New York Times and can be found as a frequent guest on other podcasts.  She speaks, teaches, and writes on the topics of clutter, the enneagram, and entrepreneurship.

 Laurie’s other passion is helping to support women entrepreneurs. Through her SBO Partner Program, she offers group and individual mentorship to folks who are looking for guidance and strategies to start, run, or grow their Professional Organizing business. A self-described homebody and coffee lover, Laurie lives with her husband Josh, 2 grown-ish daughters, and dog, Jeter in small river town in Bucks County, PA (mid-way between New York and Philadelphia-yes we are a house divided in sports!) 

Talking Points:

  • Laurie's "why" for being a professional organizer.
  • Industry changes since we both began organizing.
  • How knowing your enneagram helps with getting organized: head, heart, and gut.
  • Clutter causes conflict.
  • Living with OCD and how to communicate this well.
  • Effective communication: grace and language.


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