The Art of Wanting: Balancing Ambition with Contentment w/ Rachel Miller

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In today's episode of the Make Room Show, we had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Miller, the author of the inspiring book "When It Hurts to Hope." Rachel shared her journey of writing the book during the challenging COVID summer of 2020, a period that marked her 30th birthday and a time of introspection about her single status and unmet desires. Through her story, Rachel opened up about the universal struggle with unmet longings, whether it's seeking a life partner, dealing with health issues, or facing career frustrations. Her book intertwines personal anecdotes with a faith-based perspective on enduring seasons of waiting and emotional wellness. Rachel emphasized the importance of community, authentic connection, and maintaining hope in the face of despair. She encouraged listeners to acknowledge their desires without letting them consume their lives, suggesting practical tips for fostering contentment and purpose during periods of waiting. This episode serves as a beacon of hope for anyone grappling with unmet longings and underscores the significance of faith, emotional health, and community in navigating life's challenges. Talking points: 

  • The inspiration behind "When It Hurts to Hope" and its relevance during challenging times.
  • The impact of unmet longings on emotional and spiritual health.
  • The importance of acknowledging desires while maintaining control.
  • Strategies for fostering contentment and purpose in the waiting seasons of life.
  • The role of faith in overcoming despair and nurturing hope.
  • The significance of community and authentic connections in personal growth.
  • Emotional wellness tips for navigating seasons of waiting.
  • The danger of letting desires dictate behavior and how to maintain balance.
  • The concept of grief and its role in moving forward.
  • Practical advice for building and nurturing transformational friendships.


Rachel Miller is an author and speaker who teaches faith, creativity, and communication. She wrote her debut book When It Hurts to Hope, to encourage people living in the tension of unmet longing. Rachel and her husband, Jeff, love stand-up comedy, being outside, and planning global adventures from Base Camp, their home in Franklin, Tennessee.


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