Summer Bucket List Tips


I absolutely love the summertime.  Here in New York, we make every minute of summer count after our long, restful winters!  A summer bucket list is a perfect plan to get the most out of your summer and your time with family and friends.  But the key is to start early and plan ahead.  Here are some tips to help you kick off your summer:

1. Research events and activities in your area.

Every year I start off the summer by searching online for fun events that are taking place in our area over the summer.  You can do this by googling "events in (your city)" or "events in (your zip code).  You can also search for events on Facebook.  If you find an event you like and click "interested" Facebook will automatically save that event in your Facebook account.

2. Have a family meeting.

Sit down as a family and discuss how each of you would like to spend your summer.  What do you want to do for fun?  Do you have any personal goals or projects to work on?  What would you NOT like to do this summer?  Are there any areas you would like to visit?  Any specific people you want to spend time with?

3. Talk to your friends about ideas.

After you have a clear idea about the ways your family wants to spend summer, talk with some friends.  Find out what their plans are.  If you want to make sure you spend time with these friends get some dates on the calendar now. Otherwise, the chances of getting together will become less and less because dates will fill up.

4. Compile a list.

You can simply write out a list on a piece of paper or on your phone.  Or you can make this a fun activity by creating a summer vision board.  All you will need is a big piece of poster board and some magazines or images printed off your computer.  Paste the imagines onto the poster board and hang it where your family will see it every day.  This will remind you to have fun and enjoy each day during the summer.

5. Break large projects or goals into smaller tasks.

If you leave a large project on your list such as "clean out the basement" it will seem very overwhelming.  You will be much more productive if you break a large project up into smaller tasks such as 1) sort and purge holiday decorations, 2) sort 4 bins per week, 3) donate one carload per month, etc.

6. Grab a calendar and schedule time for each activity.

You will want to take the initiative of scheduling time for your summer bucket list before something else eats up your time this summer. Make your bucket list your priority by getting dates down on the calendar now.  This may mean deciding to say no to other things which will be easier if you have the excuse of "sorry we already have something going on that day".


Some Summer Bucket List Suggestions: 

1. Picnic on the beach

2. Drive-in movies

3. Lay on a blanket under the stars

4. Try an escape room as a family

5. Hike a different path every week

6. Tour ice cream parlors in your area

7. Attend story time at the library

8. Tour dog parks with your furry friend

9. Visit an IMAX theater

10. Smores party

11. Catch fireflies in a glass jar

12. Have a water balloon fight

13. Go berry picking

14. Go to a parade

15. Make homemade jam

16. Lay on a blanket under the stars

17. Go to a water park

18. Host a board game night on the porch

19. Go fishing

20. Set up a slip and slide

21. Go to the beach

22. Backyard water games

23. Go to a baseball game

24. Visit the zoo

25. Play a whiffle ball game

26. Go on a family bike ride

27. Go watch fireworks

28. Mail a letter or a package to someone who is deployed

29. Bury a time capsule in the backyard

30. Go bird watching

31. Make homemade popsicles

32. Clean out the toys

33. Take a road trip

34. Get together with people you haven't seen

35. Deliver flowers to a Grandmother

36. Attend a kids workshop at Home Depot or Lowe’s

37. Outdoor movie night

38. Visit a local fair or carnival

39. Play mini golf

40. Try out different smoothies made with fresh fruit

41. Plant a vegetable garden

42. Repaint the lawn furniture

43. Fly a kite

44. Decorate flower pots

45. Do a fun science project

46. Go to the local farmer's market

47. Go to yard sales

48. Attend an educational event or conference

49. Attend an outdoor concert

50. Make root beer floats

51. Swim at night

52. Visit the nature center

53. skip rocks in a river

54. Host an ice cream party

55. Go to a museum

56. Help a neighbor

57. Have a yard sale

58. Read ____ books

58. Have X amount of days to do nothing

58. Lay in a hammock all afternoon

59. Volunteer at a local non-profit organization

60. Run through the rain



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