164 | Sending Kids to College and Embracing the Empty Nest

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Welcome back to "The Make Room Show"! After a brief hiatus, Jennifer returns to catch up with you and share her whirlwind summer experiences. As a mom preparing to send her youngest child off to college, she delves into the emotions and transitions that come with being an empty nester. This episode is packed with personal stories, advice, and reflections on embracing new seasons of life. From celebrating her son's sports achievements to planning a memorable graduation party, she shares practical tips and insights for parents navigating similar situations. She discusses preparing for the college move-in, offering advice on dorm essentials and self-care for students. Amidst the mixed emotions of saying goodbye, the episode encourages listeners to embrace change, focus on self-discovery, and see this new phase as an opportunity for personal growth. Join in for an inspiring and relatable conversation about the journey of parenting.


Podcast Episode Show Notes:

  • Celebrating her son's successful senior year in sports.
  • Tips and insights for planning a memorable graduation party.
  • The emotional aspect of hosting a large event and connecting with guests.
  • Preparing for the college transition: practical advice for sending kids off to college, packing essentials, and ensuring their well-being.
  • Shifting perspectives on the empty nest season: embracing personal growth, setting goals, and discovering new passions.
  • Exploring the concept of "reinventing" oneself in this new chapter of life.
  • Introduction to the "Reinvent" program and mini masterclass for women navigating transitions.
  • A sneak peek into the upcoming "Focus Retreat" event and its benefits for attendees.
  • Encouragement for listeners experiencing similar life changes and a reminder that they are not alone in their journey.


The Reinvent Program | an exciting opportunity for us to come together and embrace this new phase of life with open arms. Join me as we navigate uncharted waters and discover the endless possibilities that lie ahead. This mini masterclass on August 30th at 7pm will kickstart your journey!


Focus Retreat | A chance for us to come together, recharge, and ignite our passions as we head into the next chapter of our lives. If you're ready to connect with like-minded women and soak in some much-needed serenity, head over to ⁠thefocusretreat.com⁠ for all the details.


About your host, Jennifer Ford Berry: Jennifer is the host of the Make Room podcast and the founder of the⁠ Created Order Neighborhood⁠, an online community of women who want to live a life of order and purpose. She is the author of five books, including the Organize Now! series and her latest, Make Room. Jennifer was previously the regular organizing expert on the TV show Winging It, Buffalo Style. , and has appeared as a guest expert on several television and radio shows, as well as in national magazines and newspapers. Jennifer lives in western New York with her husband and two children. She works both hands-on and virtually with her clients to help them eliminate clutter and live their dreams.

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