The Power of a Positive Mindset & Intentional Living w/ Ginger Myers

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In this episode of "The Make Room Show," Jennifer welcomes Ginger Myers, a life coach and expert in personal development. The conversation delves into the transformative journey of self-discovery, offering insights on intentional livingdecluttering for change, and embracing one's uniqueness. Ginger shares valuable wisdom on cultivating a positive mindset, navigating life transitions with purpose, and reshaping thoughts for a better and more authentic life.

 This episode is for anyone seeking inspiration and practical guidance on personal growth and intentional living. Individuals navigating life transitions, feeling stuck, or wanting to break free from the clutter of modern existence will find valuable insights. Learn strategies for personal growth, making room for what matters, and the power of mindfulness in redefining success. Ginger's expertise in life coaching brings forth transformative wisdom that can empower listeners to embark on their journey of self-discovery and lead a more authentic, fulfilling life.

Talking points:

  • Deep decluttering to prepare for a big move.
  • The impact of transitions and openness to new possibilities.
  • Ginger's coaching approach: analyzing and reshaping negative thoughts.
  • Integration of coaching into various life aspects, including home and business.
  • Embracing one's uniqueness and combating perfectionism.
  • The fluidity and growth potential in life coaching.
  • The adult camp experience and forming meaningful connections.
  • The significance of stewardship and being intentional in managing life's blessings.


Ginger Myers loves the ah-ha moment her students and clients get when they learn and implement something new... something that will benefit their lives and make progress toward their goals! She’s a Mom and Wife, and has been a Christian for many years with various roles helping women grow their gifts.As a Biblical life-coach, she works with Christian women coaching 1 to 1 and in group settings. Her goal is to encourage YOU on the home front, in your thoughts, on your family, in your work. To support you, so YOU can be your best to reach others in your circles of influence.Ginger’s spiritual gifts of exhortation, teaching, and administration coupled with her top strengths of futuristic and belief equips and drives her to listen well, create practical solutions, and offer guidance that transforms her client’s lives with truth and beauty!

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