Organize Now Challenge! {introduction & kitchen}

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A clean and organized kitchen with neatly arranged countertops and clutter-free surfaces. Join the Organize Now Challenge and create a visually appealing and functional kitchen space

Welcome to the Organize Now Challenge!!! Woo hoo...super excited!!!  I don't want you to just look at this challenge as another thing on your To-Do List. I want you to get excited! I promise if you stick with me this WILL be life-changing! 

How do I know this? Because I have been helping people get organized for years and the reason why I LOVE what I do isn't because I have OCD it is because when someone I work with finally, truly understands the blessings that come with getting organized and more importantly the blessing they can be to others...I get PUMPED UP!

I want YOU to reach your full potential here on this earth and can not do this if you are not organized.  Remember I said FULL potential...sure you can be successful, reach goals, make money and buy lots of stuff if you are not organized but you can do SO much more on this earth if you clear the clutter.

I encourage you to stick with the challenge and do not give up. An organized home does not happen overnight. It takes one small step at a time. Most of us don't have all day to organize so from this point forward your goal is to focus on one area per week. Schedule time to do this. You may want to chart your progress...this particular challenge is going to be 12 weeks long. Just imagine what we can get done together in 12 weeks if you commit!  So without further ado, we are going to start with the kitchen!

Ok, I am going to give you 2 HUGE reasons why you should get your kitchen super organized this week and next:

  1. This is an area of your home that most people see.
  2. You spend more time in the kitchen than any other room so it is imperative that it is easy to find what you need when you need it AND it is not cluttered! 

So if you have the book open up to Week 22. This week we will cover the most visual areas in the kitchen:

  1. Countertops
  2. Refrigerator (the outside)
  3. Paper
  4. Walls

Now that your kitchen surfaces look clean and simple snap a pic and post in the Facebook group (Organize Now Challenge) or here under the podcast.

Do not forget the maintenance! In order to keep this area organized refer to page 113 in the book.

Good job today. You have completed the first week in the Organize Now Challenge. This was an easy one but next week we jump into the kitchen cupboards!


*You can follow along with this challenge in this book:


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