5 Easy Ways to Add More Jesus Into Christmas

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Today's episode is all about easy ways for us to bring more Jesus into Christmas.  I know you will probably be listening to this episode in the middle of the busy Christmas season.  The to-do lists are long and we can all easily get overwhelmed.  But my hope is that this episode will remind you of what is important so that you can relax your mind and your heart before this VERY special holiday arrives!


1. Be an example of God’s love this year by giving the gift of service.


2. Give God a gift that is just between you and him


3. Incorporate Jesus into your family traditions.


4. BE the light.


5. Focus less on presents and more on BEING present.


Click the image above and learn how to create a Christmas season that is calm, clutter-free, and enjoyable!  This program is best practiced from the beginning of November through the beginning of January each year.  Lifetime access.

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