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In this engaging episode of "The Make Room Show," hosts Jennifer, Lori Beth Auldridge, and Amy Debrucque explore the power of authentic connections, emphasizing the value of understanding someone's essence over their job. Sparked by a lively Instagram Live session, they discuss overcoming societal judgments based on professions to deepen interactions.

The episode encourages embracing openness and vulnerability in all settings to forge stronger bonds and foster personal and professional growth. Ideal for entrepreneurs and those keen on personal development and networking, it provides insights on transitioning from transactional to transformational connections for a more rewarding life.

Talking Points:

  1. The importance of prioritizing personal identity over professional identity in conversations.
  2. Strategies for initiating deeper conversations.
  3. The role of active listening and vulnerability in forming genuine connections.
  4. Practical tips for moving beyond surface-level interactions.
  5. How authentic networking can enhance personal and professional growth.
  6. The impact of societal norms on our conversational habits.
  7. The benefits of fostering an environment that encourages openness and genuine engagement.
  8. The significance of personal stories and interests in building connections.
  9. The importance of being present and paying attention to details in conversations.
  10. How to approach conversations without judgment and with a willingness to learn about the other person.

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Lori Beth Auldridge, host of the Elevating Motherhood podcast and Homeschool Explained course instructor, recently relocated to Idaho with her husband Chris and children after nearly two decades in Maui. Together, they homeschool, run a construction business, and enjoy road trips. With a bachelor's in Communication for the Child and master's degrees in Children’s Literature and Creative Writing for Children, Lori Beth is dedicated to empowering moms with creative resources, fostering confidence, intuition, and a love for lifelong learning. 

Amy Debrucque, host of the Life On Purpose Podcast and creator of the Confidence Course, is a multifaceted encourager: a wife, mother, confidence coach, author, and cancer survivor. Driven by her deep faith, Amy aims to empower women to rebuild their self-esteem and take control of their lives. Her debut book, "Embolden" (2021), inspires women to choose courage over fear. Her impactful work has been showcased in ThriveGlobal, InDependent, and Today Parenting, among others, highlighting her commitment to intentional living and self-improvement. 

Jennifer Ford Berry is the host of the Make Room podcast and the founder of the Created Order Neighborhood, an online community of women who want to live a life of order and purpose. She is the author of five books, including the Organize Now! series and her latest, Make Room. Jennifer was previously the regular organizing expert on the TV show Winging It, Buffalo Style. , and has appeared as a guest expert on several television and radio shows, as well as in national magazines and newspapers. Jennifer lives in western New York with her husband and two children. She works both hands-on and virtually with her clients to help them eliminate clutter and live their dreams.

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