98 | Raising Mentally Healthy Kids with Michelle Nietert

My guest today, Michelle Nietert, will really inspire and equip you to be the type of mom that is raising mentally healthy kids!  Our conversation gets deep as we share our own struggles as mothers and how we overcame them.  This pandemic has really taken a toll on our children and it is OK to admit you need some help navigating their feelings, as well as, your own!  Michelle also shares some key questions to ask your kids in order to find out how they are doing mentally. 

About Michelle Nietert

Michelle Nietert is a mom of two, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Director of Community Counseling Associates in Dallas, TX. She is a sought-after leader by mental health professionals, churches, and school districts and she hosts the Raising Mentally Healthy Kids podcast. She is also a speaker and co-author of Loved & Cherished, a devotional for tween girls.


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