130 | Simple Meal Prep for the Busy Woman

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Hi Moms!!! Today I am tackling MEAL PREP!  I know this is not everyone’s favorite topic, but it is a very important one that, using the tips I talk about in this episode, might make it not be so bad after all! 

I know you are all so busy, so I am all about keeping it SIMPLE.  But in order to make this happen, you have to schedule time for meal prep and for grocery shopping.  You need to look at your schedules and carve out a day per week, or a day every 2 weeks where you can get your big shopping done.  Then if you need a couple of small things during the week, maybe your husband or an older child could pick it up for you.

When putting your groceries away, putting the new items in the back and bringing the older items to the front is a good way to make sure your food doesn’t go to waste. If you have fruits and vegetables that are going to go bad soon, juice them or freeze them and use them in smoothies. Also, having your fruits and vegetables washed and cut up, in the fridge ready to go, is a huge time saver for later in the week on those busy days.

Another helpful tip is to have a master list of 10-15 meals that you know your family enjoys eating and you don’t mind cooking!  Recycling through this list makes it easy to plan and to know what food you will need at the store.  Then every once in a while when you have time or you are feeling extra ambitious, you can sprinkle in a new recipe.  It’s important to have a place to keep all the new recipes so it is easy to find when you need it. I keep mine on Pinterest at Organize Now: Organize Stuff: Recipes – Check it out for some new ideas by clicking here: (1809) Pinterest

You can also have a theme for each night of the week!  For example Monday is pasta, Tuesday is tacos, Wednesday is chicken, Thursday is leftovers, Friday is pizza, Saturday is breakfast for dinner, and Sunday is steak!  This will help your brain stay organized and focused.

You do not need to reinvent the wheel every week.  Have a master list of ingredients you know you will need every week and reuse it!  To speed up grocery shopping, you can organize your list by sections in the store.  I keep my list saved on my phone so I know I will always have it with me.  This will also help lessen the urge to buy lots of items you don’t really need.

Putting in a few hours ahead of time ends up saving you tons of time each day frantically planning what to eat at the last minute.  A great time saver is doubling recipes and freezing half.  Then you have meals already ready to go for nights when time is not on your side.  Having your fridge and pantry organized is another huge time saver.  If your fridge, freezer, or pantry is busting at the seams, stop buying food until there is more room.  Use up what you have first!

I hope you are all doing well resetting your homes and schedules for the fall. If you need more tips and ideas on this, check out my last episode (129) here: EPISODE 129: Fall Home Prep (How I Reset Our Home For Fall) - Jennifer Ford Berry.


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