Building Healthy Habits and Finding Your Tribe w/ Cindy Williams

healthy habits tribe

Cindy Williams, the co-founder of Green jeans women's consignment, a healthy living coach, and a Shaklee representative is my guest today.

Episode Talking Points:

  1. The importance of knowing one's "Why" in life.
  2. Surrounding oneself with the right people who support your goals.
  3. Embracing authenticity and staying true to oneself.
  4. Insights into the consignment industry, particularly Green Jeans women's consignment.
  5. The idea that your energy and attitude attract like-minded individuals ("Your vibe attracts your tribe").
  6. The role of books in personal development and motivation.
  7. Cindy's early morning routine, waking up at 4:30 am daily, and the reasons behind it.
  8. Practical tips for busy moms to transform their lives and embrace a healthier lifestyle.
  9. Strategies for breaking unhealthy habits and making positive changes.

About Cindy Williams

Cindy Williams is a healthy living coach, Shaklee representative and owner of Green Jeans consignment sale. Cindy knows how to live her why.  She breathes health and wellness from her head to her toes and even in her spirit!  Recently Jennifer was in Orlando for a conference and she heard Cindy give a presentation about how important it is to live your WHY.  She knew right then and there that Cindy was the perfect guest for The 29 Minute Mom 

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