165 | Free & Fully Alive: Reclaiming the Story of Who You Were Created to Be w/ Karrie Garcia

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In this episode of "The Make Room Show," host Jennifer Ford Berry welcomes special guest Karrie Garcia, a pastor, life coach, and the founder of Freedom Movement. They delve into the profound themes from her latest book, "Free and Fully Alive: Reclaiming the Story of Who You Were Created to Be" exploring the journey to reclaiming one's true self and embracing a life of courage, connection, and authenticity. From understanding the cycles of false freedom to navigating conflicts in relationships, Karrie offers insights and wisdom to empower listeners to live a more vibrant and intentional life.


Talking Points:

  • The premise of Karrie's book: Reclaiming our true selves amidst the shaping of the world.
  • Exploring the tension between God's intention and the influence of the world on our identity.
  • The journey of seeking abundant life and overcoming challenges to find true fulfillment.
  • Understanding the distinction between being free and being fully alive.
  • Inviting God into our fears and learning to coexist with fear and faith.
  • The importance of reflection and rest in breaking free from the cycle of hustle.
  • The significance of acknowledging and honoring emotional needs in relationships.
  • Understanding how past experiences shape our ability to communicate and connect.

About Karrie:

Karrie Garcia is a pastor, author, and CEO who shares her journey to inspire change in others. She began speaking publicly at 19 and has addressed audiences ranging from small groups to thousands. Despite facing struggles such as drug addiction and the suicide of her mother, Karrie emerged victorious through her faith in Jesus Christ.

She founded Freedom Movement, a nonprofit addressing issues of brokenness and pain often unaddressed in traditional church environments, and authored The Exchange, a nine-week course for those seeking hope and healing. Karrie is also a certified health and wellness coach who uses her training in psychology to help individuals connect their minds with their bodies. She is currently working towards her Training Certificate Level I at The Allender Center, a program in trauma-focused narrative therapy.


About your host, Jennifer Ford Berry: Jennifer is the host of the Make Room podcast and the founder of the⁠ Created Order Neighborhood⁠, an online community of women who want to live a life of order and purpose. She is the author of five books, including the Organize Now! series and her latest, Make Room. Jennifer was previously the regular organizing expert on the TV show Winging It, Buffalo Style. , and has appeared as a guest expert on several television and radio shows, as well as in national magazines and newspapers. Jennifer lives in western New York with her husband and two children. She works both hands-on and virtually with her clients to help them eliminate clutter and live their dreams.

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