163 | Win Over Worry with Keri Eichberger

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In this episode of "The Make Room Show," host Jennifer welcomes special guest Keri Eichberger, author of the book "Win Over Worry." Together, we explore the topic of worry and its impact on women's lives. Jennifer shares her personal experience with worry, particularly related to her children's transition into adulthood.

They discuss the power of identifying and confronting worries, and how to overcome them through faith and understanding. Keri shares her own journey of conquering worry and offers practical advice for listeners.

Throughout the conversation, they emphasize the importance of finding peace, tackling fears, and embracing God's control. Tune in to gain insights and strategies for winning over worry and living a more joyful, worry-free life.

Talking points:

  • What made Keri want to write a book about worry?
  • Worry vs thoughts, worry vs mental clutter.
  • What is a “brain dump”?
  • The fear of being unworthy and feeling unloved.
  • The power of prayer to dissolve fear.
  • How we learn a lot of this worry from our own experiences and watching others.
  • Overcoming dread and discontentment in the book.
  • Finding joy in the midst of a difficult season.
  • Being present vs worrying.
  • The significance of obedience.


Keri Eichberger lives just outside of Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband Mike and their five kids. Her own roller coaster of life trials, redeemed by a relationship with the Lord, fueled her desire to help others discover and experience the fullness of life found in Jesus. After years of writing for an online audience, she became ordained through Southeast Christian Church, giving her life to full-time ministry. She continues to follow her calling to bring faith-filled encouragement to others around the world through her social media influence, devotionals, Faith Fueled podcast, and Christian nonfiction books.





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