157 | Conquering Overwhelm: Strategies for Productivity and Balance

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  In this episode of "The Make Room Show," host Jennifer Ford Berry discusses how to overcome feelings of overwhelm in life. She shares personal experiences and insights from her own life, highlighting the importance of having tools and strategies to cope with overwhelm. Jennifer acknowledges that overwhelm is a common struggle, particularly among women, and emphasizes the need to address it rather than avoid it. She recounts a recent period of overwhelm in her own life and explains how she managed to overcome it.

Jennifer introduces the concept of a "reset day," which she describes as a conscious effort to refocus and get life back on track. She talks about her own reset day experience and provides practical steps for listeners to follow. She emphasizes the importance of taking time to rest and recharge, as well as decluttering physical and mental spaces. Jennifer shares her personal approach to reset days, which includes picking up clutter, doing household chores, and making a fresh to-do list. She also discusses the benefits of task management tools, and encourages listeners to prioritize self-care during overwhelming periods.

This episode offers valuable insights and actionable advice for those struggling with overwhelm in their lives. It provides practical strategies for regaining control and finding balance amidst chaotic times. Whether you're a woman juggling multiple responsibilities or anyone feeling overwhelmed, this episode offers guidance and support. Tune in to learn how to overcome overwhelm and achieve a sense of calm and productivity in your life.


Talking points:

1. How overwhelm shows up in life.

2. How Jennifer recently ended up feeling very overwhelmed.

3. Jennifer's approach to overwhelm.

4. How to make room in your schedule for a reset day.

5. What a reset day specifically looks like and the steps it includes.

6. Check in with yourself to learn what your body and your spirit need.

7. What to do if you are currently feeling overwhelmed.



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