174 | Get Organized for the Holidays with the Wrap-iT Gift Wrap Organizer

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This episode is a captivating story involving a unique product and the journey of turning a dream into reality. Today's guest, Adam Levine, a long-standing friend of host Jennifer Ford Berry, has successfully created and brought a unique product to the market and shares his journey from dream to fruition. Tune in for a special offer for listeners only on this amazing gift wrap organizer.

 Talking Points:

  • The challenges of existing organizational solutions.
  • Networking and collaboration with industry experts.
  • Decision-making in going into production and the associated risks.
  • Importance of collaboration within the organizational community.
  • Building enduring relationships in business.
  • The significance of kindness and helping others in business.

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Wrap-iT Gift Wrap Organizer: This product will change your life!  It is one of my all-time favorite products for organizing!



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