Stress Proof Your Holiday Season

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In this episode of "The Make Room Show" host Jennifer Ford Berry shares her insights and strategies for simplifying and embracing the holiday season. Jennifer emphasizes the importance of early planning and organization to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable holiday experience. She encourages listeners to create a vision for their ideal holiday season, involving family members in discussions about traditions and activities. We learn practical tips for time management, including tracking gifts and budgets, and tools like the "Gift List" app or Excel sheets. She also highlights the significance of getting organized, such as setting up a gift-wrapping area and preparing a pantry. Plus listeners receive a discount code for her course, "Clutter-Free Christmas," as a valuable resource for managing holiday clutter and stress. 

Talking Points: 

  • The importance of planning and staying organized for a stress-free season.
  • Envisioning your ideal holiday season.
  • Hosting family meetings to discuss traditions and activities.
  • The importance of considering family members' opinions and needs.
  • Breaking down tasks and setting specific dates for activities.
  • Syncing holiday activities with children's school calendars.
  • Creating an organized gift-wrapping area for efficiency.
  • Early planning for travel and arrangements to reduce last-minute stress.
  • Coupon code for 25% off the "Clutter-Free Christmas" course: MR25


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